COVID-19 - As of March 18 2020

All Sunday and Weekday Masses as well as Parish activities/events in the Archdiocese of Regina are hereby suspended until further notice. We will be constantly monitoring the situation and issuing updates accordingly.

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Weekly Financial Update

Updated: 05/16/2020

Parish Operations  January    February     March   April May 
Cheques, cash                                       $9,786 $8,875 $5,082 $2,474 $980
Pre-authorized giving $1,338 $1,338 $1,340 $2,996 $2,592
One-time online donations $ - $ - $149 $419 $ -
Total: $11,124 $10,213 $6,571 $5,889 $3,572
Monthly Expenses                                   $8,886 $6,699 $7,231 $3,000 $3,000


Building Fund - $60,000 target January February March April May
Cheques, Cash $60 $2,205 $10 $200  
Pre-authorized payments $125 $125 $125 $ -  


Refugee Fund - $15,000 target  $150       $200         $80      $200         


Fund Donations

  • Building Fund (debt payments) - $60,000 target donations for the year, $4,744 donated to date
  • Refugee Fund - $15,000 target donations for the year, $1,230 donated to date

Thank you to all parishioners who have been providing their weekly and monthly donations to the parish either in the mail or electronically. This is all helpful in keeping things going. If you have not had the chance to provide your weekly or monthly donation, there are easy ways to do this.

Cheques can be mailed into the parish office. Alternatively, please consider providing a pre-authorized donation using the DONATE NOW button below. The partnership with Canada Helps has provided an easy and secure way for parishioners to donate online to the parish on an ongoing basis.

Please consider your donation to the parish. Funds are needed for the ongoing Parish Operations and also the Building Fund so that we can meet our debt payment obligations and for the Refugee Fund in order for the parish to meet it’s commitments to this important program.


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