Parish History

St. Anne’s parish was formed in July, 1962. At its founding, there were 180 families in the parish.  The first building to be constructed was the parish hall (completed in November of 1962) and served as the worship space and parish center. Mass was celebrated in the hall for five years (using metal chairs and wooden kneelers that slid around) until the building of the church proper was complete. On November 27, 1967, the Altar was consecrated by Father Gerein.

St. Anne’s parish quickly became a vibrant Christian community in southern Regina and it continues to be home to over 300 families today.  Currently, it is home to several active groups including: Conquest Boys Club, CWL, Knights of Columbus, Social Justice Committee, Hospitality Committee and others.

Although our parish has grown, we continue to be a close-knit community full of love, laughter and fellowship.  Refreshments and snacks are served every other Sunday offering attendees an opportunity to spend time with their parish family. Our mass celebrations are held Saturday nights at 5:30pm and Sunday mornings at 9:30am – come join us!

Right Rev. P.S. Kinlin (1962-1964)

Rev. J. Floyd (1964-1971)

Rev. Emmet Mooney (1971-1983)

Rev. Joe Deutscher (1983-1991)

Rev. Charles Gibney (1991-1992)

Rev. John Perry, SJ (1992-1995)

Rev. Bernie LeBoldus (1995-2000)

Very Rev. Msgr. Ken Miller, VG (2000-2009)

Rev. Gary Lindenbach (2009-2017)

Very Rev. Lorne Crozon, VG (2017-2019)

Rev. Arpee Urquico (2019)

Rev. Guy Amedee (2020)